Unisex Heated Fleece Vest,Black

Unisex Heated Fleece Vest,Black

Our coreheat7 bonded fleece vest with wind blocking is warm, breathable and quick-drying. Classic fit with stretch binding at armholes keep vest in place at speed. In-pocket heat control, water resistant weld chest pocket and an adjustable drawcord to trap heat and seal out elements are specifically designed for the temperature of speed.
Max Heat: 135 F @ 7.7W
Power: 7V 2.2Ah lithium-ion battery
Build: Wind blocking and water resistant soft shell with adjustable drawcord and weld chest pocket
Materials: Fleece shell, micro poly lining
Color: Black


    Battery/Power Outlet

    All garments come with a 7v Lithium Ion rechargeable battery and wall charger.

    Additional 7v batteries can be purchased separately. Total battery weight: 4 ounces.

    Each Battery has 4 settings and is indicated on the battery by a set of red lights:

    • 100% (4 red lights)
    • 75% (3 red lights)
    • 50% (2 red lights)
    • 25% (1 red lights)

    The 7v battery holds anywhere from 2­8 hours of heat, depending on the setting.

    • 2 hours at 100%
    • 3 hours at 75%
    • 5 hours at 50%
    • 8 hours at 25%


    • Step 1: Power on by pressing and HOLDING (2-4 seconds) power button
    • Step 2: To change temperature, press and hold power button until LED light reflects desired setting. *Power level setting can only be indicated when connected to garment.
    • Step 3: Check remaining battery life by disconnecting battery from product. Press and hold power button, LED indicator will show 1­4 LED lights to indicate remaining power (4 lights is full power).

    Charging Battery

    • We recommend charging overnight for first charge.
    • Charge 100% before use (a full charge takes about 3-4 hours).
    • A red light will appear on wall charger when charging. If light does not change or turn on, it may still be charging, so please test the battery in product after 3-4 hours.
    • Maintain at least 25% power when battery is not in use.

    Instructions for Silicone Switches

    • Step 1: Plug in fully charged battery.
    • Step 2: Switch will cycle through settings, this indicates switch has power and can now be used.
    • Step 3: To power on, push and hold down button for 2­3 seconds until the switch illuminates.
    • Step 4: To change power setting, tap button to cycle through levels.

                                   ○Low = Green        ○Medium = Yellow              ○High = Red

    • Step 5: To power off, push and hold down button until light goes out.

    90-day warranty on rechargeable batteries and chargers: 

    • Gerbing's rechargeable Lithium battery packs and chargers are warranted from factory defect for 90 days from the initial purchase. Any alteration of the product voids the warranty. Special care should be taken to prolong the life of your battery. It is important that you charge your battery regularly and that you maintain at least 25% of your battery power when not in use or left idle. Batteries must only be used with products with an amp rating less than the maximum power output rating for the battery. we will repair or replace any battery or charger found under normal use to be defective during the warranty period. Our warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, accident, abuse or improper care. 
    • If you have any problems please contact us in the contact section of our website